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Default Such silence?

Any thoughts on why the auto media and even BMW are so relatively silent regarding the i8? After all, it's supposedly only about 2-3 months from initial public release.
While I continue to plan on acquiring an i8 in any case, I sure hope BMW gives it more attention than the poor Z8. I owned two Z8's and was so surprised with the lack of real support, knowledge and attention they gave that model.
As either a halo car or key "future tech" leader, I would think we'd be seeing more about the car by now.
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I can only speculate but I think the failures in the BMW i3 launch might be triggering BMW to keep silent about the BMW i8. BMW is already 6 months behind with i3 orders in Europe and they still are yet to launch the i3 North America.

If they can't even launch the i3 correctly, I'm sure they don't want that same kind of publicity for the BMW i8. Lets hope they figure everything out in time for the i8 launch and we start to hear more about it in the next month or so.
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Default Public i8 Info

Suppose so, Mike. They do need to get this right. Otherwise, it will become a major black eye. As a strong prospective first year buyer, I want a very viable car, that I can be proud of and pleased to own. Not a service center nightmare. I did see the new official July release date vs the earlier rumored April date. My dealer told me way back when that I might not see a car until October.
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