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Default BMW i8's real competition

Now that the official BMW i8 has been revealed what cars will be its primary competition? The price tag of the BMW i8 is announced at being $135,000.
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Audi R8 for sure.
I am not sure its true but I am sure someone will say the Tesla S.
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Don't forget to throw Porsche in to the mix as well.

Can we count on Mercedes Benz to try and add an AMG vehicle to the list also soon?
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Audi R8 is the most likely car that would steal me away from an i8. I have driven a friends a few times and its a gorgeous car. I am holding out for the i8 for a while longer.
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Default Competition

R8 to an extent. I've owned two R8's, but they are getting a little long in the tooth. The supposed Audi E-tron, based on the R8 will be a closer match. The upcoming Acura NSX will be a spot-on competitor later in 2014 or 15. Also a hybrid, with a reported 6 cly engine and motors.
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