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And here is the first step to prove it.

I found the source with ORIGINAL BMW parts (for any part of the world including USA/CAD), but 300% (three hundred-or three times) cheaper than prices, produced by BMW Toronto. I understand you need to make money, but not crazy 300% profit like on human trafficking or guns.

So if only on one position of the parts "I need" I may save $1000. Hard to believe? I have every position price and compare with prices from BMW Toronto markup is. Are you ready? YES! 300% no not 30, not 100-300% mark up. Without any job only one part name out of 52 they need. I checked my cost will be around $5000CAD including post and Ontario sales tax.

Service manager just called and told me that:"Do not worry, you do not have to pay insurance company bill". I asked for pictures and to report. The answer is -"No".

Here is one sample. On parts position and prices from my "list" and open source.

Price= $93,15 CAD=1.117,80 +13% HST= $1263,11 CAD

1190 RUB = 24.827 CAD x 12= $297,84 +13% = 336 CAD (including 13% HST in Canada)

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