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Tesla has level up option not just level up , but memorised the place where you did lift the vehicle and next time you drive there -car will start to rise without asking. Itself. Same with Lamborghinis I had and even McLaren has it.\Not BMW. Why. The car is so LOW and poor view for the driver-this is why FRONT camera. Parking assist looks good but this is just useless toys.
Tesla allow you to drive with no key. Not so sure about BMW. App for i8 is total crap with no any use (except for pre-heat/cool option) and you must to activate it by pressing SOS and spending 30 min with BMW agent..
Tesla gave me 3G internet for life for free.
BMW gie me PRESENT-1 year free internet and Sat radio. Guess what? Internet is not working. They have Google home page and you cannot go anywhere -"ERROR YOU MUST ENABLE THE COOKIES" How to do it? Press SOS button above your head and hear "Sorry we do not know how to do it ,YET"
One of BMWs managers have the idea that somebody who found my phone(no PIN) was able to locate car with 20 cm accuracy .Why the OWNER of i8 with the keyS(2) and the app need to"LOCATE OWN CAR"? Owner must be so drunk or suffering from alzheimer's so he cannot remember where he parked his own BMW i8. Or this service is for the cars stealing bastards? I was trying to enable cookies on Google search in my i8(impossible). All wrong about this car on EVERY STEP. I ordered car in September. . Its only 3(!) dealers here who can sell i cars. My car was built in March 2015 and arrives in Canada last week of MARCH. "PDI" took 5 weeks to clear my car. Why? Ford PDI takes around 2-3 hrs. Not 5 weeks! And after all have you saw i8 under the hood or under the bottom? Cannot see anythig.It is FLAT surface , covering THE MOST of the parts of the suspensionfrom viewing or inspecting.Hood. The hood is SEALED and if you open it yo lost warranty and BMW cat legal action against you. Nice , right?

Also dirty trick with the wall charger.I paid BMW $1200 for the device and they told me that "professionals" will check my garage and will give me the price. I do have 2 wall chargers in my garage. From old Tesla Roadster`10 and new Tesla S85 DAWD`15. For both cars Tesla installed for FREE and charger with installation was included in the car price. Here at my door shows up " specialist" appointed "by BMW Canada" . Who is that? BOSCH! Exclusive. No any other way to have wall 240V charger to plug car in. Why use BOSH in uniform and on new shiny minivan? BOSH have the own bill and own account. Installation price? Only $4000. And 2-3 days (Tesla 1 hr.) And BTW Tesla charger gives me for 8hrs almost 500km range. BMW i8 for the same time 110V full charge? 25km. Nice! And sure thing (here is not EU) all different MODELS (not makes) have DIFFERENT chargers. Sounds familiar with cell phones and other chargeable staff you need to buy for every unit separate-all different?
"Bill of sale" was re-done 4 times by 3 different personnel. Until now BMW never give me my money back for a "wall charger". I got paid $599, but not $1200. This is not my video from the port with damaged i8.

Now, why all this noises I do? Why? Simple. Insurance cost for my cars, bikes, houses etc. cost me almost $50K/year. This is not a business umbrella policy. All my cars private and paid in full (by me-fool). Here in NA if you are the owner of the things you are using and you not owe to anybody-you are the enemy of the state. And I feel like it. Insurance company require me to call the police and report act of vandalism. Well , who did it? Who these "vandals". Day before we had here so-called 'pride parade". All day and night long, dressed and makeup like KISS band with no detectable sex and age with rainbow flags just flooded this city.

In 5 weeks nobody offered me replacement car (not even 10 years old mini-nothing).Why they are lying to me? They may read this forum, it, but guys if somebody telling you that they do charge your car every week and insurance company is SUPPORTING this "claim of periodic charge") 4 weeks straight car NEVER WAS CHARGED. How I know? Very simple.THE DUST. Car covered like "runaway Dubai airport cars". You can tell from 100 meters away where is the "abandoned" vehicle. I am in wholesale auto business for the last 25 years of my life.

I did ordered Fri/31 July Carfax on my broken i8. I got right away warning RECALL MESSAGE in Carfax and NOTHING in Canadian Carproof. Date, reason etc. I started to call my insurance broker ,he started to make a noises in "Intact" (insurance co.) office. Guess what.
Carfax report on my CAR IS BLOCKED NOW. Who and why blocked it?
I do not trust BMW and I will prove to all world that materials were faulty.
BMW i8 is very DANGEROUS WEAPON OF CHOICE if you driving car made out of JUNK. 25 km electric range and fuel tank (no idea how big but I never put more than 15 liters when tank was empty. 3 gallons of gas and 25 electric (in reality about 8-10 km)
How all happened

I am unplugging i8, jumping in, put on R,check the rear camera, put the music volume up and start to move towards the street.
Instantly I heard the UGLY NOISE very loud and similar when you have blow up flat tire and driving in on the disk. I stopped. I drove maybe 4-6 meters. Walk around the car, all tires sees ok, no flat. But noise was ugly noise. I decided to drive back forward to the garage and check closer why the noise. I jumped in i8 , shift on D and start to move forward for the same 5 meters, but maybe little less because noise become unbelievably loud and very unusual. I jumped out, walk around and SEE CLEARLY THAT REAR RIGHT wheel just falling off and some parts was broken. You can't really see under i8-all covered by the flat metal sheet Well, I did not do anything with the car to cause damage like this. I asked BMW and Intact Insurance to provide to me LOG of all data from my car (when was start , contact sos, when was plugged unplugged (Tesla has it 100%).

Insurance company KINDLY asked me to report to police. I refused. Well, what I learned here in North America, that they (americans, canadians) will start listen to you when you dissolved
few boards of directors in some biggest companies in the world. Criminal cases attached to it, big help too. I am idiot. I must to drive this i8 with the noise to the closest street light and smashed it. And this is it. I will have my money back in full (minus $500 deductible) and NEVER EVER SEE ANY BMW AGAIN. Good idea always come late! Thank you for asking. Any other, related to built from junk i8, questions? If yes ask me, if no-try to help me with advise. Or on i8 level only hate and no help like I see in communities of 20 years old 3 series lovers who exchange their experiences about cars and dealers?
Anyway I got below the picture (snapshot from new video) August 1st where I show that only my car covered by the dust and electric door to charge the car NEVER WAS TOUCHED. So to make it clear for viewers and my case I draw the cross and filmed it. How you can tell that you are charging my car every week without opening the door and 200 m away from closest 100V socket? All I want now : to prove that BMW bad seller and allow franchise dealers to OPENLY LIE ,revoke OMVIC licence from BMW Toronto (let him sell GM and Ford) and prove that insurance industry loaded WORLDWIDE by the crooks. I did it before and I am ready to do it again. Not in two words again? Because it is about $200,000 BEST car which is turn to be only a golf cart.

I bought in Sept. 2014 BMW i8 without knowing where I am going. As I said before I am in auto industry for 25 years and I drove cars from almost all car manufacturers.
So this is my first in 25 years experience when I forced to find tow myself and listen lies from automaker and insurance company.

I bought for full cash amount ans started to drive BMW i8 2015 (production date 13/03/2015) May 1st 2015. After 900 km. rear right wheel fell off on my driveway. I do not know why and how and I do not care. Was no accidents and was no vandals.

From day 1 I start to hate this car. Before we took off from the dealership "BMW Toronto"
my wife and sales manager were driving around parking lot and he shows her how "front camera works" and they hit the curb and hang on it and had scratch the under the right door.
No leveling?
Tesla has intelligent leveling. If you did level up once, car will lift at this same spot where you lifted once before..
Just now I called tow company. I am taking my BMW i8 to repair "elsewhere".
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