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Default BMW i8 TRUE STORY or "How to turn JUNK to GOLD"

1st of May 2015 I started to drive BRAND NEW i8. Car arrives and it took BMW 5 weeks (!) to PDI my car. After 800 km. rear right wheel fell off. Simply broke down.
From day 1 I felt that something is wrong with my car. Maybe because Leipzig, DDR city, ex- home of mr. VVPutin and God punishing me for violating embargo? Or maybe because when I was 12 years old in Suhl is a city in Thuringia (DDR) and lived in the house of Chief of local communists CIA (Stasi). Now I understand why Soviet Union pioneers wore the red ties and Germans(DDR)the blue ones..
It was BMW i8 HALO package. Great idea!
BMW cannot even TOW THIS CAR all 8(!) trackers in 3 days (nice Emergency Service-SOS button! ) refused even to TOUCH "it". I tow it myself. BMW is asking me to pay UPFRONT $18,000 for parts cost. Why? Because I paid this car in full and I am OWNER of this car, not leased driver. 4000 cars in the world. 1500 sold in North America. MY CAR IS THE VERY FIRST BROKEN BMW i8 in Canada.
Life is continue to experimenting with me. I am ready to fight for my rights. If BMW not able even tow broken car how they can fix it? Car now is sitting on BMW parking lot month WITHOUT CHARGE. Because insurance company insist this is the factory defect I will be not paid a penny from insurance. How will pay this $40,000 bill and how to sell this car with record like this Carfax? I am in auto industry for over 25 years. I never was owner of BMW and hate to drive it and never can imagine this the real TOTAL DISASTER. Nobody offered to me replacement car (even gays Mini) NOTHING! I got only 1 email after 2 weeks with estimated repair BMW asking from me DEPOSIT $18.000 because BMW Canada do not know how to fix it and simply took from service computer all suspension details, sent me the bill and NEVER ORDERED them from Germany. Daewoo in camouflage..
Not in USA nor in Canada BMW NEVER repair or even change tires on i8. Not one!. Service manager honestly told me:" It is only few i8 on the road) Now I am in situation when BMW Toronto telling that someone damaged the car (vandalism) and my insurance company insist that Leipzig plant using bad materials (I am also sure of it). In case when for damages responsible manufacturer , insurance will not pay me even pfenning. I want to ship my car to Leipzig and fix it on the BMW factory. I DO NOT TRUST BMW Canada. They are telling lies to all participants. Service manager admit that i8 in 4 weeks NEVER was charged (closest charger 150-200 meters away and electric charger door on the car perfectly dusted like the rest of my car. That means BMW is telling lies and trying to avoid any responsibility. How trust you, BMW, if YOU CANNOT even tow this car? How you can repair it? Wondering WHY BMW Toronto never informed me about recall on my i8. Also I was worry about PDI. It took BMW 5(!) weeks for PDI. I do remember the REAL FACTORY INSIDE port of Bremerhaven. 4 storey HUGE building where ALL makers FIXING BRAND NEW cars. I have the feelings that my i8 was on one of the floors of this "underground factory"

Incident Date Estimate Location Estimate Date Type of Record Detail Amount Odometer
07/05/2015Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 07/14/2015 Estimate RIGHT REAR SIDE $16,397. 00926 KM

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